Finding Your Flow: A CosmicVibrations Guide to Connecting your Hoop to your Body and Mind

Written by Sponsored hooper, Ariane Logan.

The flow arts have quickly become a psychedelic spark of interest over the last few years across the globe. Hula hooping has come far from "Wham-O" 's original expectations, evolving into this magical, fairy like, total therapeutic action for tons of people; men and women alike. With an ever-growing community, I find myself more and more often contemplating how each person so personally connects and breathes life into their little plastic circle. Everyone has a different muse and set of interests and inspirations that fire them up to initially try hooping. Some people are coming from a "work out" angle, some are mesmerized by the seemingly impossible tricks and silk like motions. The geometrics and aesthetics are infinitely pleasing, and the end result looks so beautiful and satisfying.