3/4” Sun Shift Pink Gloss Polypro Hoop

3/4” Sun Shift Pink Gloss Polypro Hoop

$34.50 Regular Price
$28.50Sale Price

These beauties change from clear polypro to its main color in sunlight, in seconds!


**IMPORTANT: After a series of tests, we found that this sun-changing tubing starts to completely lose color after a few days in the sun. For this reason, we will not be restocking this tubing and will be selling hoops at a large discount to cover material costs. These hoops are final sale.**


*As you may know, photochromatic color is a very sensitive pigment, so a little extra care is needed for these types of hoops. When using your Solar hoop outdoors, it’s important to not leave your hoop in direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time. During so will break down the pigment in the tubing, and the hoop will no longer change color, or have a very mild saturated color. Please be sure to store your hoop away from windows, or any space where sunlight can reach it.*


Hoops are measured in OD. Push button/rivet connection.


Interested in a custom diameter not listed, please contact me!

Grip Tape (Inner rim)